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HBO Max finally arrived in Brazil with a diversified catalog for all types of humor and different audiences on the platform: regardless of age, there are movies and series that serve as a good entertainment alternative for the whole family. With franchises from DC, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, The CW and HBO, the service has titles for those who like superheroes, animation, science fiction, fantasy, comedy and more.

Among these, of course, you can’t stop thinking about those contents responsible for bringing the whole family together in front of the television in a movie session. Thinking about it, the Canaltech selected the 10 best exclusive films that are in the HBO Max catalog since the first day of the service in Brazil and that can be watched by everyone.

In addition to a brief description of each movie, each title is accompanied by a trailer to pique your curiosity and the corresponding link to the exhibition in the collection. Your task is just to separate the popcorn and press play!

This fun, Oscar-winning animation follows Mano, a young emperor penguin who lives in the great, icy Antarctica. Like all other animals of his species, he needs to sing the “heart song” if he wants to attract a mate and experience a new love. However, he has a not very beautiful voice, which makes him feel like a real fish out of water. Thinking of other methods of attracting a girlfriend, he decides to invest in his talent with tap dancing.

Macaulay Culkin is Rich Rich in this feature film that is, in reality, every child’s dream. However, not everything is as it seems: despite the money and being loved by his parents, he is not entirely happy. In parallel to his desires to be a normal child, he must investigate the mysterious disappearance of his parents, whose plane crashed in the Bermuda Triangle. Riquinho suspects Lawrence Van Dogh, an executive at Rich Industries, is the person behind this accident to take control of the entire wealth empire.

Jim Carrey brings one of his most iconic Warner Bros. characters to life in The Maskara, based on the comic book series by Mike Richardson. In the plot, awkward and shy banker Stanley Ipkiss sees his life turn upside down when he finds a mask that has the spirit of the Scandinavian god Loki. He doesn’t know it yet, but whenever he wears the accessory, Stanley gains superpowers capable of transforming him into a guy full of charm and confidence. Besides, he still has to pay attention to people like the gangster Dorian, who wants to get his hands on the mask to use his powers for evil.

This Tim Burton retelling of Roald Dahl’s classic tale is also available on HBO Max. Featuring none other than Johnny Depp in the role of chocolate inventor Willy Wonka, The fantastic chocolate factory is a visual treat with a macabre feel (typical of the director) that aims to change the tone and explore other narratives of the classic story and the candy genius previously played by Gene Wilder.

classic and a real must watch in the Christmas period, An Elf in New York follows Buddy (Will Ferrell), who has spent his entire life being raised at the North Pole and, despite being a human, ends up transforming into an elf. After having serious problems in the community in which he lives, he decides to leave the life he knew behind and head for New York. Her goal is to find Walter (James Caan), her father, but it doesn’t take long for her expectations to be shattered when she learns he’s a big miser and doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.

This work by Tim Burton follows Barbara and Adam Maitland, who after dying in a car accident find themselves trapped, haunting their home. When a new family and their teenage daughter, Lydia, move in years later, the ghost couple try to scare and evict the new residents, but they aren’t as successful. Their haunting attempts attract a flamboyant spirit, whose help becomes dangerous to both the pair of souls and the innocent young Lydia.

Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and Dwayne Johnson star in this remake from the 1960s comedy series, Agent 86. In the plot, the head of the US spy agency promotes his analyst Maxwell Smart in his most dangerous and important mission: to prevent the secret criminal organization known as KAOS from putting into practice its latest plan for world domination. However, there’s only one thing about it: it’s Smart’s first mission as an agent.

Victor Van Dort is an insecure and nervous young man who is following his arranged marriage to Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson), a sweet and pretty girl known to the family. Eager for the ceremony, he goes alone to the forest to rehearse his vows, but is eventually captured by Emily (Helena Bonham Carter), a bride who was brutally murdered after fleeing with her beloved fiancé. Convinced that she has just been asked to marry Victor, Emily takes him to the underworld, and he must find a way to escape in time and prevent Victoria from marrying the evil Lord Barkis (Richard E. Grant).

to prepare to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy, why not review the work that started the event that brought the Looney Tunes and basketball stars together in one place? In 1996, aliens want Bugs Bunny and his gang to become the main attraction of an amusement park, however, to negotiate the capture, the rabbit of the Looney Tunes has the idea of ​​proposing a basketball game in exchange for the characters’ freedom. Now, to face the alien team, he needs to summon an important reinforcement, a well-known American basketball star: Michael Jordan.

SCOOBY! The film is actually a prequel. The film is 100% exclusive to HBO Max and shows how Scooby and Shaggy met and how they ended up teaming up with Fred, Velma and Daphne to found the famous Mystery S/A. Years later, with many cases resolved and already established detectives, the group investigates a plan to release the ghost dog Cerberus into the world, causing the dreaded apocalypse. Through it all, the friends discover that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny more extraordinary than anyone could have imagined.

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