The 10 most watched movies of the week (17/07/2021)

What have you been watching lately? Did you contribute to the JustWatch list, joining thousands of other viewers to watch some (or a few) of the top 10 titles on the platform this week? The selection is an excellent tip for those who don’t want to waste a lot of time choosing what to see and are interested in staying on top of the most talked about films of the moment.

This week’s list features two science fictions that prove that the pandemic’s most flopped director is still in high esteem among fans, as well as showing that one of Netflix’s horror bets actually managed to reach a large audience. There’s more Netflix, of course, plus blockbusters, Oscars, aliens, and a Marvel movie that left fans a little discouraged.

That said, let’s take a look at the 10 most-watched movies this week, according to JustWatch.

10. Interstellar

Since Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan catches the eye with his “scientific realism,” which makes extremely fictional works seem incredibly possible. Interstellar it was one of those great titles, and at the time of its release in 2014, the image of the black hole in IMAX left many people with their jaws dropped. Until today, the graphic (re)creation of this astronomical event is referenced, which puts Interstellar among the great titles of the genre.

The “oldest” movie on the list is also supported by the excellent cast, which features Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Shopping Club), Anne Hathaway (The miserable), Jessica Chastain (The darkest hour) and several others to tell a story that mixes futurism, dystopia, search for a home on other planets and time travel, leaving as a legacy a message about human connection, the kind of lesson that sci-fis love to give us.

Interstellar is in the catalogs of HBO Max, Globoplay and NOW, and can be rented on Looke. The title can still be purchased or rented from iTunes, the Play Store, and the Microsoft Store.

9. Once Upon a Time… Hollywood

Without that more exciting rhythm of several great Quentin Tarantino hits, Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood it’s a film a little more pompous and that demands a series of cinematic knowledge from the spectator. Despite the theme and duration of 2h41min, the performances of Leonardo DiCaprio (The origin) and Brad Pitt (Ad Astra) are amazing and hilarious, having yielded some of the best movie memes of the time.

as in inglorious bastards, Tarantino bets on a bit of historical justice by changing the course of events that led to the tragic death of a group of people, including actress Sharon Tate (then nine months pregnant). There is also an iconic sequel involving Pitt’s character and a cartoon version of Bruce Lee, who face off in a battle for honor. Despite seeming boring at many times, it seems that the title managed to win a good audience.

Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood is in the Amazon Prime Video catalogue, can be rented on Claro Video and is still available for purchase on Looke, iTunes and Play Store. In the Microsoft Store, the title can be purchased or rented.

8. Rua do Medo: 1994 – Part 1

THE Rua do Medo Trilogy was announced by Netflix as the biggest cinematographic event of the year on the platform and the first movie went straight to the Top 10. Teen horror certainly gained more appeal by adapting children’s books for a +18 version, an indicative rating that we know , attracts rather than repels young viewers. Furthermore, 1994 also manages to do an excellent recycling of classic movie codes slasher and giallo, providing an excellent guide for anyone looking to delve into the history of one of the bloodiest currents of terror.

After its release, Netflix released two more movies, one a week, that develop the story started in 1994, going back in time to 1978 and then 1666, when the beginning of everything reveals the outcome of the plot of the first film. The first street of fear it’s also great for bringing a modern aesthetic, with that trendy neon/psychedelic lighting that means much more than just a randomly chosen look.

Rua do Medo: 1994 – Part 1 can be watched by Netflix streamers.

7. Tenet

The filmmaker who flopped in the pandemic was precisely Christopher Nolan, the same director of Interstellar. After movie theaters were closed because of the pandemic, the gradual resumption was initiated by Tenet, which was being saved to resume the sector’s economy. When it opened, however, the isolation still had high rates and, if cinemas are still not fully functioning until today, we can imagine that it was worse in October 2020, when the film opened here.

Even though it’s only available on video-on-demand platforms, the film made the Top 10 most likely because viewers were really eager to check out this sci-fi filled with complex temporal concepts and starring John David Washington (Klan infiltrator). One of the big bets for the Oscar during the promotion, Tenet he didn’t have a very good year and was only nominated in the categories of Best Production Design and Best Visual Effects, in which he won the statuette.

Tenet it can be purchased from the Microsoft Store and iTunes, and is available for rent or purchase from the Play Store.

6. How I Became Super Hero

the French-Belgian film How I Became Super Hero is another one of Netflix’s international successes. As it was also one of the platform’s Top 10 standouts, the title was also one of the most viewed of the week, showing that streaming users are increasingly used to languages ​​other than the US standard commonly consumed.

This is Douglas Attal’s debut feature, which directs the story about a world where humans and superheroes coexist. In this context, “a lone policeman and a brilliant detective unite to put an end to a dangerous threat”. More likely a lightning success that, over time, should be lost in the catalogue, but still a very exciting science fiction for those who want a little action, adventure and comedy.

How I Became Super Hero can be watched on Netflix.

5. Black Widow

Incredibly, this is not the top title on the list, although it could be next week or when the movie finally leaves Premier Access and makes the Disney+ catalogue. The question is that Black Widow was one of Marvel’s most anticipated films for 2020, when it would kick off Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The film brings back one of the characters of what we can already call the first generation or old guard of the Avengers in cinema. In addition, she had not yet won a solo film and the feature still arrives at times when female representation is being demanded with more intensity. Not coincidentally, the film is also directed by a woman, Cate Shortland, from Lore and Somersault.

Black Widow can be watched for an additional fee through Disney+ Premier Access.

4. Yesterday

the title of yesterday it was not translated into “Yesterday” or any Brazilian version for good reason: the word refers to popular Beatles music. And it has everything to do with the plot: after a mysterious faint, the protagonist Jack (Himesh Patel) realizes that he is the only person who still remembers the Beatles and takes the opportunity to be successful with the band’s songs. But since it’s not all joy, their relationship begins to suffer as he gains fame.

The film is directed by Danny Boyle, director of the excellent Trainspotting: No Limits, 127 hours and extermination. The cast also features Lily James (In Rhythm of Escape) and Sophia Di Martino (Loki), in addition to having the participation of singer Ed Sheeran. Although not one of Boyle’s biggest titles, yesterday was widely talked about and went through important European festivals, taking home several trophies.

yesterday is in the Amazon Prime Video catalog and can also be purchased from the Play Store and iTunes.

3. A Quiet Place

THE Part 2 is coming and, meanwhile, viewers are heating up watching (or re-watching) the first film, which featured actor and comedian John Krasinski (The Office) among the most respected horror directors today. In the cast, Emily Blunt (The devil Wears Prada) plays, alongside Krasinski, the Abbott couple, who must deal with terrible monsters while protecting their three children.

a silent place yeah, just like Interstellar, one of the sturdiest (oldest) titles on the list, proving that the movie is so good that it continues to rock even years after it premiered. And that’s how we see a pop classic being born. Will you miss checking out this masterpiece?

a silent place is available in the catalog of Paramount+ and Oi Play, and can be rented on Claro Video. The title is still available for rent or purchase on iTunes, the Microsoft Store, and the Play Store.

2. Tomorrow’s War

at the headquarters of blockbusters, has arrived Tomorrow’s War to the Amazon Prime Video catalog. As if it wasn’t enough to be starring Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), the action sci-fi still mixes alien invasion with time travel and the apocalypse of humanity: a popcorn dystopia to have fun and cheer for the aliens that, being scary, are one of the main attractions of the work.

The film is directed by Chris McKay, best known for his animations A Lego adventure and Lego Batman: The Movie, and was so successful that a sequel looks like it’s already being planned, with Pratt returning to kick more ETs’ asses.

Tomorrow’s War is in the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

1. Parasite

The almost instant success of Parasite it has already placed the title in the cinema history books and finally helped to generate deserved recognition for the work of director Bong Joon Ho. After critical and public approval, the title went viral after running for six Oscar categories, taking the statuette for Best International Film, Best Screenplay, Best Direction and Best Film. I.e: Parasite he may not have broken a record of nominations, but he took the heaviest award-winning quartet of the event in recent years, leaving many people stunned by what he was seeing happen.

With the popularity, several discussions also spread about the incisive content of the film, capable of impacting almost any viewer, such was the genius of the script and direction. The performances were also highly praised, with the highlight being Korean actor Kang-ho Song, the director’s long-time partner.

Parasite can be watched by subscribers of Telecine and NOW; and is available for rent or purchase on Looke, iTunes and the Play Store.

Source: JustWatch

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