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Amazon Prime Video Catalog has some of the Emmy 2021 favorite series and movies.

With a ceremony scheduled for September 19, the 2021 edition of the Emmy has already announced all the films and series competing for the “Oscar of television”. Among the dozens of productions nominated for the award, including those that surprised by appearing on the list, the Amazon Prime Video catalog features some of the favorite productions in their categories. To help you get started on the marathon, we’ve listed 6 series and movies you can watch streaming today.

the boys

Amazon Prime Video

One of the biggest hits in the Prime Video catalogue, The Boys is competing for the top Emmy award and competing for the Best Drama Series category. With season 3 already confirmed and promising even more controversy, the series, which features the bloodiest superheroes on television, is also fighting for the title of Best Screenplay for the shocking end of the second season.

The Underground Railroad

Amazon Prime Video

Signed by the acclaimed Barry Jenkins, director of Moonlight: Under the Moonlight, The Underground Railroad follows the story of Cora (Thuso Mbedu), enslaved on a cotton plantation in the United States. Unable to bond with other enslaved ones, Cora’s story begins to change when a newcomer brings information about a possible escape route. The path, of course, will not be easy, especially when a bounty hunter appears behind her who is tied to her past.


Amazon Prime Video

On air since 2014, Black-ish reached Season 6 nominated for Best Comedy Series and with its protagonists, Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, also competing for Best Actress and Best Actor. The series revolves around the Johnson family and the dilemmas they begin to face when a change in their lives seems to have distanced them from their origins. With short episodes, black-ish brings a light mood, but also very accurate.

Sylvies’s Love

Amazon Prime Video

Set in New York between the 1950s and 1960s, Sylvie’s Love stars Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok), playing a woman who works in her father’s record store and who falls madly in love with an aspiring saxophonist, who begins work together with her. For those who like musical stories, it’s worth knowing the film, which takes place in the jazz age.

uncle Frank

Amazon Prime Video

With Paul Bettany (Wandavision) and Sophia Lillis (It: The Thing), the drama begins in 1973, when teenager Beth Bledsdoe leaves her rural hometown to study in New York, where her uncle Frank is an acclaimed teacher. There, she discovers that Frank is gay, but has hidden this secret from the family all his life. With his father’s sudden death, he must return home and face the past.

This Is Us

Amazon Prime Video

One of the most loved series on TV in recent years, This Is Us is stamped on the awards, especially for the nomination of the cast – in 2021, Sterling K. Brown and Chris Sullivan compete for the trophies. No wonder, the history of the Pearson family and the surprising directions that each of the brothers took has won a legion of fans with a moving plot and full of twists.

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